Finding how Gla Hair’s best hair extensions are made

This article delves into providing you with an overview about Gla Hair Factory and 5 steps in the production process of how their hair extensions are made.

Gla Hair extensions has thrived in the hair extensions market in Europe. Are you curious about how they made their top-notch hair extensions? Follow this article to know precisely the way they manufacture European hair extensions.

Overview about Gla Hair 

Before getting to know how Gla Hair can manufacture premium hair extensions, these are some basic information about Gla Hair and their achievements in the field as well as some features in their hair extensions item.  

About Gla Hair’ establishment and achievements

Gla Hair originates as one of the pioneers in hair extensions factories in Vietnam. Founded in 2013, they have experienced ups and downs in the hair extensions fields for more than 10 years, making them one of the leading hair extensions suppliers in Vietnam.

Ranking on top of the hair extensions suppliers list, Gla Hair has worked with more than 2500 wholesalers all over the world, especially clients in European hair extensions markets such as France, Belgium, Germany, Italia and exported 100 tons of hair extensions to them. 

Nowadays, Gla Hair has broadened a factory up to 1000m2, their production process involves modern equipment and the expertise of over 120 skilled workers, Gla Hair can manufacture hair extensions with large orders quantity in just around 5-7 days. 

Gla Hair is well known for high quality products
Gla Hair is well known for high quality products

Gla Hair’s hair extensions and reviews

Belows are highlights on the Gla Hair’s hair extensions features and customers’ thoughts about their products.   

  • Gla Hair commits to source its hair material from Vietnam, known for its high-quality human hair. Vietnamese hair is prized for its softness, natural shine, and realistic appearance when blended with different hair textures and colors even though it has experienced the styling and chemical process. 
  • Thanks to the priority of delivering large orders with high-quality standards in the shortest possible time, Gla Hair receives many compliments on their firm and durable hair extensions, which can last 3-5 years long with proper care.
  • Among various types of hair extensions (bulk hair, tip in, clip in, tape hair, ponytail, weft hair) provided by Gla Hair, bulk hair is the category that is the most selected by wholesalers or hair vendors in the global scale.  

Overall, about the hair extensions reviews, customers have complimented Gla Hair for its excellent Vietnamese hair texture and diverse hair extensions type, style and colors for customers to choose. 

Some typical items at Gla Hair
Some typical items at Gla Hair

In summary, Gla Hair is a reliable choice for hair extensions, backed by positive reviews and a commitment to quality. If you’re considering extensions, their products are worth exploring!

Exact production process of Gla Hair’s extensions

Let’s find out the 5-step production process that helped Gla Hair create top-notch hair extensions for the European hair extensions market listed below.

Step 1: Collecting and quick cleaning

The first step in the 5-step production process is to collect raw hair material. The hair is sorted and brushed, removing dry dirt and bacteria on it, and then it is put into bundles of 100 gr hair or following customers’ requirements. 

Step 2: Preparing hair material

The hair continues to experience another phase, it is washed with hair shampoo to make the hair material fresh and clean, ensuring that the material is ready to make hair.

Once the hair extensions are carefully washed, hair bundles are dried with high-powered dryers before going to the styling phase.

Some phase of natural drying process at Gla Hair
Some phase of natural drying process at Gla Hair

Step 3: Customizing & styling hair

During this phase, which is both intricate and time-consuming, all the customization and adjustments are applied to the hair extensions.

Gla Hair caters to customers’ specific needs by offering color customization. Their skilled lab team can expertly mix the perfect shade to match customers’ preferences. 

When it comes to styling, Gla Hair’s extensions are versatile. You can choose from various styles from natural straight, bone straight, curly, (loose, body) wavy to modern & unique styles such as kinky, yaki or jerry.

Gla Hair uses modern techniques and high-quality Vietnamese hair extensions material to achieve stunning results in order that their extensions not only look beautiful but also have a long life expectancy.

Worker flattening the hair to make hair strands straight
Worker flattening the hair to make hair strands straight

Step 4: Quality double check and finishing the hair

All these stages above are done under the supervisor’s control. To ensure the most hair quality control, it’s checked one more time to make sure hair extensions made are in great condition. Once the hair is checked by the manager and receives the approval of customers via online call, it means that they are ready to be delivered to them.

This step is a good stage that Gla Hair successfully applies to their production process as it gives the factory a highly-controlled procedure process and helps customers to check the hair extensions immediately. 

Finished hair extensions are checked before shipping
Finished hair extensions are checked before shipping

Step 5: Packing & Shipping to customers 

The last step in the process is packing the package and then delivering it to their customers. Depending on the real distance and the shipping unit that the clients use, the hair extensions are shipped to them within 10-15 days. 

Finally, clients check the package and give feedback to Gla Hair about their extensions product. 

Examples about the orders that are about to ship to customers of Gla Hair
Examples about the orders that are about to ship to customers of Gla Hair

Above are 5 steps in the production process of hair extensions at Gla Hair. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of hair extensions in the European market, Gla Hair has simplified and systematized the production process into 5 specific steps, helping the factory better manage product quality as well as improve production productivity.

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